A Facilities Management Company

We crafted a powerful set of dashboards feeding from several different platforms (SAP and non-SAP), with which they manage all operations of their clients, in a single cockpit, in the web and on mobile devices.

We also demonstrated how micro-location can enable them to better serve their clients, with a powerful mobile-based solution integrating iBeacons with SAP. 




A Science Organisation

For this organisation (which had tried implementing BusinessObjects twice before) we successfully implemented the technology and built dozens of solutions that merge data from several SAP and non-SAP systems, covering planning, forecasting, dashboarding, and even broadcasting.

Their managers now have clear visibility of their resources, budgets, targets, and opportunities at their fingertip. 



A Large Global Manufacturer

We developed a global forecasting, planning and budgeting system, covering 5 regions, with disperse geography, personnel and technologies.

Their London-based headquarters have the same information as the regions, real-time, and can better plan, budget and forecast their multi-billion dollar portfolio. 



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