Discover SAP (3rd Edition)


Software can be daunting, but learning about it doesn't have to be! Guided by expert SAP authors, you'll get a comprehensive overview of SAP's enterprise offerings with this book. Whether you're a decision-maker, consultant, or new SAP professional, this book will paint you the picture of SAP from its history to a look at each major solution. Are you wondering how SAP software actually works, or what advantages it provides? Real-world examples highlight how different businesses have benefited from SAP software. Discover the world of SAP!

  • Learn what SAP has to offer
  • Explore the functionality of each major software component
  • Find real-world examples and case studies to see the tools at work

Alexandra Carvalho is an author, speaker, blogger, innovator, start-up enthusiast, social-media ambassador, and advocate for women in technology and in business. 

She is the head of analytics at BI Group Australia and an SAP Mentor focused on applying cutting edge technologies in the business intelligence and data visualisation space. She has great passion for delivering innovative solutions that create business value.